WSR GROUP - at Direct Response TV Distribution

WSR GROUP is a major supplier of As Seen On TV products to most companies that sell through TV all around the world.

WSR GROUP is not only a product supplier, but also the marketing partner to make of each product a bestseller in its category. The provided marketing support includes spots and infomercials in any of all popular formats: 1, 2, 5, 15, and 30 minutes.

Top quality shows

Every year WSR GROUP produces over 30 infomercials. That is almost 3 infomercials per month! WSR GROUP's shows stand out for its production quality and its proven and successful performance in generating direct response orders.

WSR GROUP works with the top infomercial and spot producers, with direct involvement from the marketing concept through to the production and editing of the shows. WSR GROUP is proud to have a creative team formed of some of the most talented writers and editors in the industry.

To ensure the upmost quality and attention to detail WSR GROUP has its own editing suite. WSR GROUP understands the importance of a localized approach of the shows. This is why every infomercial is dubbed and adapted to suit each culture.

Profitable product life

In order to extend the products' life cicle, WSR GROUP constantly develops new offers, revitalizes customer testimonials, and tests new price points.

WSR GROUP has developed a proprietary, analytical system. This increases the efficiency in targeting the audience, obtaining more sales per viewer, and promoting retail sales. This results in increased profitability and the ability to support all channels of distribution.



WSR GROUP's, products are well positioned in distribution chains, hypermarkets, supermarkets, department stores and pharmacies throughout Europe.
In-Store TV With a significant number of In-store monitors in the Spanish and Portuguese markets, WSR GROUP is extending its knowledge and product success abroad, specially in France, in partnership with Venteo SAS, leader in In-Store video sales, and Germany with ISL Deutschland GmbH.

WSR GROUP, a commercial partner
WSR GROUP provides all relevant support material for points of sale to retail distributors.
WSR GROUP's marketing strategy is focused on positioning, design and communication to generate:
Sales Growth
Better Space Profitability to Maximize Revenue
Better Image
In addition to In-Store video promotion, the Direct Response TV campaigns increase the awareness of WSR GROUP products and help drive the retail sales.

New products Development

The right web site is crucial in developing your presence on the Web. We don’t just give you a pretty website; we give you a website that works in achieving your company’s goals and vision. Our websites will incorporate the latest technology to enhance your web site usability and aesthetics, while keeping your company brand and integrity intact.

Lawaweb will give you a web site that will:

Look amazing yet professional – your competitors will be green with envy.
Solidify your brand and company reputation online.
Position your goods or services in a most advantageous manner to increase online sales.
Instil a solid sense of trustworthiness and loyalty into visitors.
Be easily integrated with your social networks such as Friendster, Facebook, and Twitter.
Be optimized to allow search engines like Google to track you down and connect you to millions of potential customers every day.

WSR GROUP E-Commerce

WSR GROUP’s As Seen On TV products are available on the internet.
Shows on TV lead a great number of consumers to look for more information in the internet, where they can find WSR GROUP products on more and more websites worldwide.

WSR GROUP knows the importance of converting each visit into a sale. A proper marketing strategy will definitely help and in addition to that it will push consumers to buy more than one product. WSR GROUP supports its partners with:
- High quality marketing material (photographs, videos, etc…).
- Upselling and special offers.

WSR GROUP is also expanding its electronic retailing performance as a way of testing new products.



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